Tennessee Christmas Tree Growers Association

Our History

The Tennessee Christmas Tree Growers Association (TCTGA) was officially organized as a non-profit entity on September 11, 1971. The Tennessee Christmas Tree Growers Association merged with the Kentucky Christmas Tree Growers Association in 1983 to form the Mid-South Christmas Tree Association. However, in recent years, the Kentucky growers reformed their own organization and the remaining Tennessee members voted in 2002 to reclaim their name as the Tennessee Christmas Tree Growers Association.

In the early years, the association had been instrumental in aiding the Tennessee Department of Agriculture, Division of Forestry in their establishment of Christmas tree seed orchards in order to improve seed stock quality for the growth of Christmas trees in the State. The results of that partnership can now be fully acclaimed, as the Division of Forestry nursery at Delano, TN consistently produces the finest quality Christmas tree stock available anywhere for growth in the southern environment. The association assisted in the publication of a Christmas Tree Growers Manual published by the Tennessee Division of Forestry in the early 1980’s and is currently attempting to write and publish a new Manual, as the original is out-of-date, and out-of-print. Many of the Tennessee Christmas Tree Growers are members of the National Christmas Tree Association, with many of the year round family oriented operations also being members of the Tennessee Agritourism Association.

The present Association membership includes thirty-three Christmas Tree Farms and Nurseries ranging in size from four to several thousand acres. The farms are spread out across the long state of Tennessee in three different climatic regions. The types of trees grown are diverse, including mountainous trees like firs and spruces and warm weather trees such as pines and cypress varieties. TCTGA members range from a few large wholesale farms, to small family choose and cut farms (the majority). Association meetings are held in the Spring and Fall of each year with a wide variety of guest speakers and farm visits. The meetings are open to the public and anyone interested in Christmas tree farming is invited to attend. In 2007, the Association began to host Regional Field Days in each of the state's three vastly different geographic regions. With member farm tours, and specific information on the various types of trees most well suited to that particular region's environment and growing conditions, these Field Days have proven to be quite a hit with new and potential growers across the state. In 2008, the Association began the publishing of a quarterly TCTGA Newsletter containing a wide variety of agricultural and organizational news, upcoming events, reports from the three regional representatives, TCTGA Member Classifieds, etc. Commercial advertising is accepted with proceeds maintained in a 'restricted fund', used solely for Newsletter publishing and distribution costs.

In an effort to maintain the highest quality trees and farm operations, the Association, and its members, share a close working relationship with the Tennessee Department of Agriculture, The Tennessee State University (TSU) and University of Tennessee (UT) Extension Services, as well as Dept of Tourism and statewide Agritourism efforts.

Although each farm in the association is different, insofar as types of trees sold and other farm events offered, they all wish to provide you with a top quality, homegrown TN product to enhance your Tennessee Christmas celebration.

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions or comments, or would like more information about Association events or membership.

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