Tennessee Christmas Tree Growers Association

About Us

The Tennessee Christmas Tree Growers Association is managed by a group of elected officers, a volunteer NCTA Representative, and appointed TN Regional Representatives (each representing a geographical region of Tennessee). Each member of the 'Board' is an active member of the organization, and is consulted on an as needed basis for items other than on normal meeting dates. A listing of the various categories of Board Members can be found in the Sub-Pages to this heading.

The Association has also approved the use of Regional Representatives to manage the TCTGA 'Mentorship Program' for their respective area (West, Middle, or East TN). They are the primary focal point to assist new growers in working with a current TCTGA member in their proximity. The designated 'mentor' has agreed to assist the new grower in any way possible, to ensure that they receive accurate and helpful advice on any issues which may arise during their first several years of growing trees.

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